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Hey everyone, I use GPodder as my rss reader. Since the new site launch I have picked up nothing on any of the feeds. Today I thought I would remove one (HD8, I believe that is the features feed ) and add it back to see if that would have any effect. Now I can't add it back as it hits authentication failed with proper authentication. This may be tied to HD8 being empty, see below.

With the new site launch I thought my reader might see everything as new initially, but it's doing the opposite. It appears that the bombcast location has changed, but according to the rss page none of the others appear to have been moved. When I look directly at HD8 it appears to be empty.

Anyone else having similar issues or have any ideas I should try? It may be that I simply have to be patient, that its just part of the new site launch and I am fine with that, its just that I searched the forums and have read some comments that others rss readers are pulling the new entries and was curious.

Thanks all.

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Ya I can't get the site to work on my phones app ether. Rather annoying.

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discussing here as well.

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Answered in the thread linked by kbdlock. Per Dave:

This will be fixed in the next week.