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Videos from this morning are not showing up in my subscriber RSS feeds in iTunes. I looked at the feed in a browser and it looked like there were no entries at all, though that might be intentional because of how authorization works. Bombcast and news feeds are working fine.

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Hmm, anyone else seeing this issue?

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Saw the same thing last night. Video feeds in iTunes showed no entries. Bombcast feed still works.

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I'm getting the same in DoggCatcher. It may be related to the certificate on the authentication server expiring recently.

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Not sure about videos as I only use RSS for podcasts but I'm getting updates on the premium movie podcast via feedly.

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Just tried to view a video feed and it has no entries in it

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Looking at it closer, it looks like the All Videos feed is working, but the individual video feeds are empty. Seems to apply to HD, SD and mobile feeds.

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Looking into it.

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I had some problems with the premium rss feeds that got solved by changing to a shorter password without lots of weird symbols. That was back in when the new site launched.

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I've had an issue where iTunes will ask me for my Giant Bomb password every couple of days... but once I punch my password in the videos show up with no problem.

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@cameraguykurt: Glad I'm not the only one having that problem. Rorie had me post a topic about it a couple weeks back and I didn't really get any responses and thought it was on my end. If you figure out a way to fix that let me know, it's been going on for a couple months for me.

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I'm just now having the same issue with Downcast on the iPad. I am subscribed to two feeds: Videos [hd] and Quick Looks [hd]. The Videos feed has been updating, but there have been no additions to the Quick Looks feed since Friday (despite there having been several new Quick Looks posted).

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Having the same problem with Downcast on the iPad as well.

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Yeah, none of my feeds are working

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Not working for me either. Unsubscribed and resubbed and still nothing.

Using standard ass Itunes.

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Yeah, checked again, unsubscribed and re-subscribed and the feeds are totally dead; I can't even load past episodes.

I'm using iTunes

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FWIW, same problem exists when viewing the feeds in Firefox and when refreshing the feeds in Miro.

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I'm using iTunes, and haven't gotten anything new showing since Tuesday. The last quick look that I see is Van Helsing, everything since then doesn't show up in my feed.

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putting in a fix asap

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Any word on when this will be fixed?

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Missing episodes from the last few days just popped up for me in iTunes. Looks like its fixed.

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Just pushed a fix. Can everyone check their feeds? Thanks.

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Looks like its working, I'm pulling stuff from Quick Looks HD and Features HD with no issues. Thanks!

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Now THAT's customer service. You guys rock!

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Working for me again! Thanks.

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Looks good here, thanks.

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Has anyone figured out how to get Feedly to recognize any Giant Bomb RSS feed?