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It seems that with the new site, my subscription automatically changed from canceled/non-recurring back to recurring.

That's kind of not cool.

Luckily the card I have in file has actually expired, so even if I hadn't noticed, you couldn't have billed me.

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This might really suck for some unlucky person.

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Uhoh. They need to check this asap. Someone is gonna have a bad day.

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As long as we dont' find the origin of the problem the payment won't recur

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I'll be honest with you, not quite sure what that means for me or any other user for that matter.

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Alright, that's good.

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Mine changed, too. What are they trying to pull?

I'll just have to remove my billing info.

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They aren't trying to pull anything, it's a glitch with the new site.

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Yeah, well, if any more "glitches" come up, they won't be able to bill me. I feel like I just caught someone's hand going into my pocket.

Thanks, Parsnip. Woulcn't have noticed if not for this topic.

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@prestonhedges: They were never going to charge you. They said this had happened to some people as soon as the site launched and they were working to fix it. It was ovbiously an unexpected bi-product of the account migration to the new site, and they made a forum post to make people aware of it and were working to correct it before anyone even complained. It's hardly like they were trying to steal from you.

To Quote Dave "Fixing an issue where a very small minority of people who had cancelled their membership were set back to recurring. I'm on it, it's not acceptable and wasn't on purpose."

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I think it's fair to say that they would have in fact charged us, because that kind of happens automatically with the recurring sub. But that's kind of beside the point here.

The point is that if someone is tight on money and suddenly gets a surprise charge from GB, that would be kind of a big deal. I'm sure that everyone here knows how to deal with charges like that and get their money back, but depending on the situation and the bank, that process can take time that we may not have.

Also, it seems that they have now fixed it according to Dave's post, but mine still says recurring. The recommended action is to re-cancel. That's kind of sad really. A forum post of "things we are fixing" is in no way enough to tell people about it. I almost never visit the forums and would have never seen the post. They really need to send a small PSA email to members encouraging everyone to check their sub status.

I mean seriously, Ryan and Jeff made a podcast PSA about the RSS feeds going bonkers.
Billing issues seem like a much more important issue, don't you think?