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I was on monthly renewal but that seemingly ended yesterday -- I now show up on billing page as "free member" and there's nothing on my billing history page to reflect that things were ever otherwise. It's strange, since I watched a premium video just a couple days ago...

Any help much appreciated

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I had this same thing happen, and was a subscriber as of Wednesday (at least; wasn't around much Thursday to notice). Sent off a support email a few hours ago, haven't heard back yet, but you're not alone.

edit: Also, there's nothing, like nothing at all, listed on my Billing History, which is maybe weird?

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Yeah, my billing history is blank too. Weird, yeah

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Huh. Weirdly, I got a billing confirmation email (the email I use for this login is a spam one I don't check often) for February, but not one for March. Then, on Feb. 13th, an email confirmation link, like for an account activation, showed up, that I didn't see until today.

Something went sideways, you guys. Pear-shaped, even. Unless that's normal, and I should have seen that, in which case, whoops. Can I be a subscriber again, please?

edit: Was not billed for March.

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Same thing has happened to me. Went on to watch yesterdays TNT, and I couldn't. My Billing history is totally blank.

Should we be PMing someone about this?

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No idea. Presumably someone is reading this, and I've got a support email in.

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Hey @ignatz27 so your subscription ended a while back; I have been fixing issues so you only lost subscription recently. Your subscription was supposed to recurre but we had this one week of craziness. Same thing for you @brokemonkey .

Unfortunately I cannot reactivate your subscription, you didn't get billed for a while so you will have to resubscribe.

Sorry @ignatz27 and @brokemonkey for the inconvenience