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As much as I enjoy the free content, I thought you guys might like to know. My subscription expired on May 5th and while I know a grace period is given, I'm fairly certain that it isn't two weeks? If it is well then I'm sorry for wasting your time.

Thank you.

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I know sometimes you need to log out, and back in to make premium access begin, maybe the same might apply to getting rid of it? So, have you tried logging out and back in?

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check you bank account and see if the money has been drawn. i dont think the grace period is that long. so the way i see it 1 of 3 things has happend.
1. when you signed up you signed up so it would run continuously so you diddent have to manually pay each time.
2. due to either the site being down or other technical stuff they have prolonged the premium member ship by x amount of time. it has happend before so it might be that.
3. this i unlikely but still a possibility, someone paid willingly for a free month for you.

so in my unprofessional opinion i would say if its not 1 then its most likely 2.

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Thanks for the suggestions.

I have tried logging in and out to no avail, and double checked my bank account and it showed the last transaction to GB was April 5th. I also double checked my billing history on the site here, and it also showed the last transaction as being on the 5th of April. So I don't think anyone paid my bill for me :P

I don't remember any site outages recently, except for a period of maybe 12 hours recently, so I'm not sure that they would prolong my subscription for that, but if so then I won't complain. While I fully intend to resubscribe when I have the funds available, I hate the feeling that I'm "getting away" with something, if that makes any sense?

Thanks again guys.

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@ak416: I would recommend contacting @rorie about odd subscription things like this.

Perhaps they're just feeling especially charitable this week. ;)

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I think it actually might be two weeks or something along those lines. It is not a short grace period.

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I checked my cancellation e-mail and found this, so unless something has changed I feel two weeks is excessive.

"Your account will remain active for a day or two, but if you don't act soon we'll have to downgrade your account."

@truthtellah Thank you for the suggestion, I'll reach out to him via e-mail or forum message tomorrow morning if I don't get a definite answer by then.

Again, thank you for your help!