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Hey all, one of the features Microsoft changed on the RT is to allow pretty much universal flash support rather than use a .xml file to whitelist flash sites, so I figured I could watch giant bomb live streams without any issue, but unfortunately all I see is the background embedded image for the stream and the title, but I am unable to click anything at all and it doesn't "behave" like a video, not only that but it says chat support has been ended for my browser yet im on the most recent version of IE anyone has, in the desktop mode so im not sure if giantbomb is somehow thinking im on a mobile browser or what the issue is, but I saw the video problem mentioned but not the livestream one so I thought i'd bring it to peoples attention incase they wasn't aware, thank you and hopefully it's an easy fix :)

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Unfortunately, as a fellow Surface user, it's been like that since they started using Gamespot's live player. Back when they used Twitch it worked fine, but the Gamespot player has never worked. Didn't realise Microsoft had stopped their draconian policy of banning flash on random websites though - I just installed a workaround to that as soon as one was available.

Also yes, Giantbomb does treat the Surface like a mobile browser, which is also incorrect. It gives the reduced text editor in the forums which means you can't create links and so on.

I think its because of the dynamic resizing thing they use, it means that there is no way to "request a desktop version" of the site, cause it just scales down with window size or something. I don't think these things are gunna change :/

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Yeh I saw some old threads for this with promises of fixes etc but nothing seems to have happened, for an engineering team as large as giantbombs now, I would have hoped this would have been looked into really

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I'm using the site right now on my surface RT and it has been fine for me. Hmm...

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The site is fine, the CBSi livestream video player is the issue unfortunately

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Surface IE is worse than desktop IE. Its a pig running on underpowered hardware. Its not just us, YouTube chokes on Surface IE too. I've been told there's other browsers in the Surface store that run our videos well. I'm not sure what they are though. Its not your fault. I wish we could write some code and make it better but there's really not much we can do about this that won't hurt everyone else.

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Videos play fine, run fine. The live player just doesn't show up in IE unless the user agent is changed to Chrome or Firefox.

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Videos play fine, run fine. The live player just doesn't show up in IE unless the user agent is changed to Chrome or Firefox.

Hah, maybe our video team (completely separate from Games engineering) is now actively blocking IE Surface. I know we did that for a while after noticing how much Surface IE users thrashed our servers.

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Yeh if we could get the actual video to run it actually runs fantastic, HD video is flawless, its just getting to it thats the issue..