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I'm not totally sure, but this seems to happen when I scroll down past a bunch of comments on a video, and get closer to the text box on the bottom. I've never had it happen on the wiki or the forums or the homepage.

Firefox 18.0.2, Windows 7.

I blacked out my favourites toolbar, but yeah, the text-editing bar will suddenly jump up to the top of the page. This seems to happen sometimes at a certain point when I'm scrolling down through a full page of video comments. If I scroll back up the page, it disappears at that same point (presumably reattaching itself back to the text box below).

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Yep, I've noticed that sometimes happens to me too. Its entirely random too I'm not seeing a particular causality to it.

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Yup noticed that too. Happened on the fifth page here: http://www.giantbomb.com/articles/you-won-t-have-john-riccitiello-to-kick-around-any/1100-4607/

It shows up half way down.

Windows 8 Enterprise, Chrome 25.0.1364.172 m

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Running Safari 6 and OS X 10.8 here and it's happening as well. Haven't had it happen to me on video pages but it has happened in the forums.

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Happens to me on this page when i open the spoiler link and scroll down some.

Firefox 19.0.2 on Windows 7 Home Premium.

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I could be entirely off-base, but it seems like it happens with pages that have more than 5 (or so) pages of comments, and triggers when you use the pagination links.