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The picture shows what I am seeing. Using Chrome on WinXP (not sure if that matters or not but hey there it is), I see all text of a certain type (Picture of what) has some kind of weird character overlayed everytime there is a space? But whatever character is put in the place of the space also sits on top of the next couple characters. I just want to know if this is something crazy on my end (entirely possible) or other people are seeing this.

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Looks like œ, for what it's worth.

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I can now confirm this does not happen in Firefox. So maybe that helps?

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Nope I just get horrible aliased bold text in Chrome Win7 like usual.

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@rayeth: Gross. Is this still happening to you? Looks like typekit blew up and sent you a bad font file.

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Happening to me as well.

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Happening to me as well in Chrome v 26.0.1410.43 m

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You're lookin' pretty crazy, gurl.

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@alexisg: Yep still happening. If there is some kind of Chrome related setting to change the font file I dunno where it is. I'm open to ideas =)

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The website is set to black. There's your problem.

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@handlas: Hilarious as your comment is (not very), changing that has no effect whatsoever on the issue.

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@scroll: @rayeth: I am not able to replicate this issue but I am changing the font-weight of that text to a more windows chrome friendly version. So hopefully this will fix the issue tomorrow.

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@alexisg: Awesome, Alexis! Thanks. I hope that one day Chrome decides to end their shitty aliasing of text (which is a thing I had never heard of before today and falling down this weird internet hole trying to figure out what was happening here).

I have a lot more respect for your work after this, Alexis. Keep up the good work.

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@handlas said:

The website is set to black. There's your problem.

We white site users are in the minority.

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@rayeth: The problem lies with the fact that many fonts are unhinted and Chromes renderer is using old school font smoothing. The problem does not show up at small sizes but in medium font sizes things can get really nasty. OS X, iOS, Windows IE/FF, Windows Surface, and Android all use better smoothing which does not need the specific hinting for things to look nice. Currently typekit has to manually hint these fonts, but they don't do it for all the weights. I've been going through and making changes just for Win/Chrome to fix this but its been a bummer for sure. And unfortunately for my sanity they don't have a way of showing which fonts have been hinted. You just have to notice during development or by looking at their screenshots.

More info on this: http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2012/04/24/a-closer-look-at-font-rendering/ Just go to the WINDOWS: UNHINTED FONTS title half way down the page.

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@handlas said:

The website is set to black. There's your problem.

We white site users are in the minority.

It's okay brother. We will grow stronger. I made a little harmless joke and he got mad at me :(. I reckon the black site is filling his soul with the blackness.

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@alexisg When changing the text-rendering to auto, it renders like it does in FF which is very readable.

edit: optimizeSpeed also works.

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I have not got these kind of problems at all, and I am running Chrome... Pretty trippy stuff.

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@frozenpixel: Thanks. I'll remove the text rendering css attribute and see if that fixes it.

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I'm still getting this unfortunately.

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@alexisg said:

@smashlampjaw: Still? Can you post a screenshot?

I checked it again Its all fixed now Alexis, thanks for replying though.