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This is an outrage.

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They decided to remove it in favor of microtransactions.

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noticed this too today

a nice hidden feature of the old site.

Granted, it didn't serve much purpose but... still

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Yup, confirmed removed, or rather just nobody got around to implementing it. Maybe this can be an intern project in the summer...

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What did it do on the old site?

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I noticed this the first day of the beta, I brought it up with some staff in the chat - they didn't know what I was talking about. That's an outrage.

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how did you input it?

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@rchen: Summer? That's much too far away. I'm just going to hassle Ian until he does it.

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@css_switchfoot said:

how did you input it?

Just inputting it on the homepage with nothing selected.

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Still works on Gamespot. Now I'm on a hunt to try this on every game site.

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What's the Konami code?

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Polygon has a pretty cool one.

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Still not working! Even NeoGAF has implemented it with their newest redesign.

At least it made more sense with Giant Bomb.