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I'm having this problem too. I've actually been having a problem with the address bar being stuck on screen even after the page is done loading before this happens, maybe that's related.

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@bluesun: Which iphone and iOS are you on? and is this still happening?

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@alexisg: Yeah, its the same. I'm on a 4S, latest iOS.

While I'm here, kudos on the new design. It's bangin'. :)

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I've got the same thing on my 4s with iOS 6.01 and on my Samsung Galaxy S2 Jellybean in both the stock browser and Chrome.

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I have an iPhone 5 running on 6.1.4 and have had the blank page for a few days now too

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Oh, forgot to mention that I have an iPhone 4 (not S) with iOS 6.0.1. Still not working.

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Sorry, seen a few people tweeting about this. Filed a bug, will see if we can figure it out.

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Same issue with my iPhone 5 on iOS 6.1.4. I think it might be a week or two now that it hasn't been working for me

Edit: forgot to mention that I've tried in both the latest chrome as well as safari

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Might be an iOS problem, running fine on Nexus 4, 4.2.

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@alexander: I have the same issue on my Samsung Galaxy S2 running Jelly Bean (Cyanogenmod) using the stock browser and Chrome, so I don't believe it's restricted to just iOS users.

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I don't know if it is related because...

1. I'm on Blackberry

2. My bookmark is for m.giantbomb.com

...but the site was failing for a bit then changed to a 404 message. Too bad they removed the redirect but I'll just edit my bookmark I guess. Maybe it is related somehow though?

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@ltsquigs Re your tweet from the 14th... nothing has changed on iPhone since the OP. Sorry. :(

edit: and now its working. whatever you guys did today, it worked, thanks.

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@rorie: Just a quick update... saw the same thing this morning. However, for some reason, I clicked on the GiantBomb logo and it loaded the page! If someone else who still has this issue can confirm that works for them, thats a workaround for whatever is going on.

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It might be related to a CSS issue we've been having - I'll see if there's anything else going on. Sorry for the troubles!