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So, I just got a new computer and whenever I watch a giant bomb video on fullscreen, the timeline at the bottom keeps popping up ever few seconds as if I was moving the mouse. I thought it may just be my mouse playing up but even without it plugged in, this still happens. This doesn't happen on any other flash player, any ideas? Not a massive problem but a bit distracting.

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Any ideas?

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@jothel: We'll be rolling out a new video player sometime next week that should solve this issue. Hopefully.

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@rorie: Awesome, cheers for the info!

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This is still happening on the new player, it will disappear and then pretty much reappear again and I have no idea why really

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ya, same happens for me, using chrome. I deleted cache and cookies and its still doing it.

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Also getting the same issue sorta. For me the bar doesn't disappear and then reappear, it just never goes away. It also only happens with Chrome. Opera has no problem with it at all.

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@mrpibb: I'm only using a handful of extensions and most are disabled on GB anyway. I both ghostery and abp (both are disabled on GB), as well as Reddit Enhancement suite and youtube options. I've tried not only disabling everything but also going into incognito mode which should disable extensions for sure and neither option had any effect on the problem.

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@mrpibb: only plugin i have on chrome is ad block, and its disabled on GB. Progress bar on videos still goes away then pops back up randomly.