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I prefer to double space after periods. I learned to type before variable width fonts, and still use them a fair amount - weird, I know. After the site relaunched, it now edits that down to one space, whether I want it or not. Now, it's certainly up to Giant Bomb if they want to preempt format decisions for the people that like to comment here, I suppose, though I'd argue at that point you might as well go whole hog and let us know whether we're writing APA or MLA or what...

But if I go back and make an edit of my own on a post that's been autocorrected for double spaces, you get some sentences like this.I haven't seen that behavior before.That part is probably just a bug.Just thought someone might want to know.

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The old forums also did this. I don't know the techno lingo but it's standard for "webdesign" or whatever you call it to trim that extra space.

I also double space and after I made a thread about it quickly realized how few people do it, and how completely insane some are about letting you know what a huge idiot you are for doing so.