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When I'm playing a video using chrome, the grey bar with the video time, the pause/play button, volume control etc won't stay hidden when the video is played in fullscreen.

I've used progressive, streaming and html5, and whenever the bar fades, it pops back up again in a second or two.

My mouse isn't moving, I've tried it in firefox and the bar stays hidden.

Help! I've started using firefox again exclusively as a giantbomb player

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i also have the same issue.

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Yeah me too. It also takes me out of fullscreen or windowed view whenever I use my F key shortcut volume controls.

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Glad I'm not the only one.

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Hate to bump an old topic, but I've been having this intermittently for months and recently decided I couldn't handle it any more... If I've got to use another browser I will, because GB content is worth it! But Chrome is definitely my browser and it hasn't always done this, and in fact seems to work fine 10% of the time, which I thought was bizarre and made me wonder if the problem was on my end (still possible...)

Anyway, thanks to anyone who reads this heads-up!

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@meauntienora: The scrubber issue has been known for a while and I believe that a fix for it should be in as part of the complete video player rewrite that'll be coming sometime after the GameSpot redesign goes live. Sorry for the trouble.

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This is driving me crazy. The video controls just keep popping up, even without moving my mouse. It's is absurdly distracting. Worst of all, it's on the new player, so does not seem like anything was resoled Rorie. Always happens to me with the live shows.

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The bar isn't going away at all for me. Just hangs out there at the bottom when I'm in full screen, and it's incredibly annoying. This just started happening like yesterday.

Using Chrome.

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Machine ghost problems.

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@rorie: Thanks for the response... Never came back to check haha.

Unfortunately I am back because, as the couple other posters above have said, the new video player does not seem to have addressed this. It did however change it so that the bar begins to sink below the screen but abruptly jerks back up, much like user ChrisTaran reported. It looks very much like it perceives input of some sort even when I unplug my mouse, turn off my touch pad, and have hands off the keyboard.

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yup still broken. Disconnected/disabled all mice.

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@meauntienora: Yeah, I had this replicated for a bit but as soon as I called @tsubomi over to look at it it stopped happening for me. I'll see if I can replicate it and show it to her when she's back in the office.

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@rorie: Thanks duder! You guys are great!

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Something I noticed on this is that if I move my mouse to the bottom right corner things work properly and the bar stays hidden, if I move my mouse anywhere else I get the issue of it popping up.

Can someone else try keeping mouse at the bottom right and seeing if that causes the bar to stay hidden?

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I'm unable to reproduce the problem you guys are describing. T_T

For those of you who are experiencing this problem, I need more information about your environment:

  • Are you a basic user or subscriber (yearly, monthly, gifted)?
  • What extensions are you using in chrome?
  • What version of chrome are you using?
  • What operating system are you using?
  • Which playback (Streaming, Progressive, HTML5, YouTube) were you using when this happened?
  • Are you on a laptop or a desktop?
  • How many monitors are you using?
    • If you are using multiple monitors, does the problem only occur in a specific monitor?
    • If so, which monitor does it occur in?

I don't know if any of the above would cause your issue to happen, but maybe it will help me narrow down what could be causing it. Thanks!

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Looks like this is caused by persistent mouse move issue triggered at the OS level. Seems that most browsers have patched the problem at the browser level except for Chrome.




I've implemented a workaround to check the cursor position when the mouse move event gets caught. This should prevent the video control bar from popping up when there is no real mouse movement. The fix has not been deployed yet, but you should expect to see it on the site sometime this week.