#1 Posted by michael_katarn (91 posts) -

The live show schedule is displaying in PST for me instead of EST. It also doesn't state what time zone the times are. Where are the Beats?

#2 Posted by grinbuster (9 posts) -

Same problem here!

#3 Posted by cutyoface (577 posts) -

I am not having this problem with Firefox, what browser are you using?

#4 Posted by isomeri (1813 posts) -

Having the same issues, using Chrome.

#5 Posted by doobymoo (37 posts) -

In the UK here and it shows PST time in Firefox and Chrome.

#6 Posted by Morbid_Coffee (974 posts) -

Top men said they're working on it but it's low priority.

#7 Edited by andmm (221 posts) -

Wierd, this was working fine for me and now its showing PST which is not my time zone.

#8 Posted by LtSquigs (285 posts) -

If its showing in PST that means our geolocation server could not find you, or it timed out. Sorry bout that. If you want beats in the upcoming box you can put '?beats=thebest' in the url to activate beats.