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I am trying to add the GiantBomb premium podcasts RSS feed to the iOS podcasts app, and all is well until I actually add it as It prompts for credentials. This normally wouldn't be an issue, but I was lazy and used my Google+ account to create my GiantBomb account - I don't know what my actual password is.

Has anyone else experienced this issue, or know of a solution?


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@sarcasimo: You could log out and then do a password recovery.

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@sarcasimo: Is this still an issue for you? I can send you a password reset from the my end if you like.

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@rorie: @mb 's advice was just what I needed. The manual reset effectively severed the Google login, allowing me to authenticate on my iDevice. A thanks to both of you! ...I spend too much time at work resetting other people's passwords to do it properly for my own accounts it seems.

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The premium Bombcast RSS feed rarely ever works for me. I just checked my media player and the last time it was able to update was 02/11/14. I haven't listened to one since, as I won't put up with ads.

I haven't had this trouble with the other RSS feeds.