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I have finally kicked Chrome to the curb after having constant, unfixable problems with Flash because videos stutter in full screen even when buffered (not the topic here, I already know it's a Chrome/Flash problem, not a GB one).

So I switched to IE10, which overall, I think I actually like more now. But now there are two things: today during Patrick's live stream the chat would not load in IE10 but it was working for Chrome. I then just noticed now when trying to watch the SRIV Quick Look that you can't go into full screen mode, only windowed mode in IE10.

This is frustrating to me. Are these bugs or is IE not fully supported on GB? I'm using Windows 7 if it matters.

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@mcghee: I'll file a bug for the fullscreen thing and I'll double-check on the chat issue the next time we run one.

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@mcghee: Can confirm that the chats aren't loading either. Bugfiled!

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I've had issues for a while now with the chat never loading in IE 10.

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In the last post about chat in IE10 we were told it was because of how IE10 handles their code for it. But it does work in IE11.

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Another report of the IE10 chat issue. Not long until IE11 now at least.