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I can't replicate these on a regular basis (i.e. ignore this post because you guys have more important things to work on), but there are two bugs that occasionally occur with the editor.

  1. The toolbar gets affixed to the top of the screen completely outside of the form. This has been happening for a pretty long time, so you guys might already be aware of it.
  2. The delete key doesn't work properly. If I highlight text and press the delete key, it works, but if I just try pressing the delete key with no text highlighted, nothing happens. Only noticed this happening fairly recently.
Screenshot of #1.

Win 7 x64, Chrome 30.0.1599.66 beta-m

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Exact same problems, about the same stats.

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I just had the delete key issue come up again, and I noticed several hundred instances of this warning:

'KeyboardEvent.keyLocation'' is deprecated. Please use 'KeyboardEvent.location' instead.

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