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Being in Europe we have a lot of trouble with Twitch servers lately and as a result many streams were lagging on high quality So some smart people actually invented a lag fix which will redirect you to a US server. Sadly this fix does not work with premium content on Giantbomb. right now. All you get is a black screen.

Is there anyway to fix that?

Here is the link for the google chrome fix:


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I have no idea on this, so I'll include @ltsquigs for this.

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Probably related to this: "Most embeds use a really old version of the Twitch player which doesn't like the proxy. Sites like TL which use the new embed code should have no problems." http://www.teamliquid.net/blogs/viewblog.php?topic_id=434208&currentpage=9

To be fair, the Twitch documentation is wildly inconsistent, incomplete, and outdated in some places. It's easy to accidentally pull an older version of the player even if you're venturing to not do that.

Taking a quick look, there's at least four different URLs used in the Twitch documentation to embed the player.

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I don't disagree, and I know that the GB folk have had issues updating the player due to Twitch documentation - so it might be the reason things aren't working. I didn't see any mention of passworded streams in the forum thread from a quick glance so I suppose that might also be an issue.