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In the store I went to apply my discount code for the 2014 shirt and in both Chrome & Safari the discount code isn't clickable to add text to. It acts as thought it isn't a text field.

Mac OS X 10.9.1
Chrome 32.0.1700.107
Safari 7.0.1 (9537.73.11)

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I had the same issue, discount field is greyed out and cannot be modified. Also getting an error with the shipping, not sure if that is related.

Windows 7, Firefox 26, Chrome 32.0.1700.107

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Was just watching UPF and saw the new shirt. Went to order it and use my discount code. It wouldn't let me enter text in the discount text field on Chrome or Internet Explorer. Guess I'll just have to wait.

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Yea I've been having the same issue. Can't choose shipping option either. I know Rorie was aware of all this when the shirt went live a couple days ago but I have no idea if it's supposedly been fixed or not.

Windows 7, Firefox 26

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I've been having the same problem. Trying to order the Asphalt XL Bombduders shirt, as well, and my page looks just like what @Kiruvi posted. Can't use my discount code or even complete the order. If I hover over the Shop Owner link under Shipping method, it says the weight for the shipment is 0.0 lbs, which...doesn't seem right.

Windows 8.1, Firefox 26.0

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@datarez: @kiruvi: @dvdwalker8: @seikenfreak: @krataur: This was an issue with Shopify and hopefully it should be resolved now. If it's still causing you issues, can you email orders@socialimprints.com to let them know? Sorry for the trouble.

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@rorie: It's working for me now. Just ordered my shirt. Thanks for getting it fixed!