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Hi! This is user Sinusoidal using my new alter-ego Underwaterbob. I cannot sign in as Sinusoidal using my password that I know is correct. If I try to reset my password it tells me there is no account tied to that email address. If I try to sign in using Facebook - which was my preferred method of signing in - it tells me something is wrong and that someone is working on it.

It started as a 500 error regarding the authorizing page sometime last week. That went away, and I don't seem to exist anymore. I'm in Korea if that means anything.

I sent an email to, and I got a nice email saying to sign up with a new user name to contact support through a form at the bottom of As best I can tell, that form does not exist...

Which bring me to my post here. It's been days. I'm going into forum withdrawal.

The email tied to my old account is this user name (Underwaterbob) at gmail. The email account tied to this new account is this user name (Underwaterbob) at hotmail. If someone could maybe fix my old account (Sinusoidal) and send an email to either of those accounts, that would be great!

I love you!

Sinusoidal AKA Underwaterbob

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your sinusoidal account should have received an email at underwaterbob

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I have returned! Thanks a bazillion! Awesome password!