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Having written a review for DMC for the xbox 360, everytime I press 'create user review', I am just taken back to the top of the same page and the 'reviewed item' and 'please search for a wiki object to review' are empty (where before submiting they were filled in correctly)

I have since posted my review via the method of going to the games page and review from there. Editing after the fact, however presents the same issue as above.

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I too have encountered this problem, specifically with Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. I assumed it was because I was trying to submit a review for the UK retail release, which prior to today had not yet been released, but even now I get the same issue as Mikey2D.

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@Mikey2D@LycanGav Fixed both the edit review and post review from profile. Should be in production later this afternoon (or morning for you two).

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I'm encountering this same bug(click to post review, page reloads to top of page with empty search options) for a Super Monday Night Combat review, but additionally, posting a review from the page for Fire Emblem: Awakening isn't working for me at all. Clicking the 'add a review' button just takes me to a Server Error page. I'm using Google Chrome, I don't know if that impacts it.

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@KelpPlankton I am so bad at following up. But, could you try it now.