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#-49 Posted by beard_of_zeus (1767 posts) -

Seems like the edits I made to one of my lists finally showed up after the fact, even after being reported as an error, so now I have a list with Metal Gear Rising in it 3 times (since I tried to add it multiple times).

Also, seems like I can't click the delete button at all.

Hopefully this gets fixed up soon.

#-48 Edited by takashichea (480 posts) -

I can't save my wiki edits on Gaius. I remember one wiki editor had a wiki submission on pending while I was the last one to add my information on supports. Somehow, their wiki submission appeared while mine didn't.


It works, but now, the wiki points I got were repeated 3 times. That's not good.

#-46 Posted by count_zero (449 posts) -

When attempting to add a game to a list from the list in question (along with deleting a game which somehow had gotten on there on its own), I got the "Something has gone surprisingly horribly wrong" message, when I attempted to save my changes.

#-45 Edited by JMSNorthern (138 posts) -


Well, good news everyone, some functionality has been restored.

- I can now edit/add things in Firefox again (only worked for me in Opera before)

- I can re-order my lists in both Firefox & Opera again

However: I can only re-order lists in Firefox by changing the number in the box, I can't interact with the little up/down quick move arrows, though I can in Opera.

Granted I have NoScript running in Firefox and since Opera is a backup browser for me it's pure (ie. no add-ons installed) but I'm pretty sure that's not a factor as I've checked the scripts running and I'm not blocking anything that should affect anything visually on the site.

Also I still have this other issue with un-deletable lists that I sent off as an e-mail bug a bit ago, that's still not fixed, but I may post that as a separate topic here later since it's a bit involved and niche of a problem I'm sure.

Anyway, progress.



Further update:

I spoke to soon about the site being usable on Firefox it seems. Not being able to interact with the up/down buttons unfortunately also means you can't hit the remove button either to get rid of items from your list, which makes it a bust to bother adding anything in Firefox

Anyone else have this issue? (Firefox 19)

I tried things out in Chrome (which also has no add-ons), and it's working as good for me as Opera.

#-44 Edited by Doppelgamer (370 posts) -

I really hope they restore the functionality of the list and wiki editing soon. It's been ages and still nothing. Lists and the wiki pages are a major part of this site and should work.