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I've tried 3 different browsers: Chrome, Firefox, and IE, tried my android smartphone and I am unable to view Unprofessional Fridays or see the chat either. The only time I've been able to see the live video is during the 2/15/13 episode when it was streamed via Twitch as well. Adobe is up to date as well as flash.


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Hey duder, thanks for the bug,

the page loads but no video and chat is blank?

Are you able to view regular Live streams like TNT?

and finally, which OS / version are you on?


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Yes the page loads but the video player is just black and shows 0 people in chat although all the assets for the chat load. I do get a number showing for people watching.

I use 2 computers to access the site. For Unprofessional Friday's I use the work computer and it is running on Windows Xp (I know, I know) and I doubt its the cause. My company does have a filter, however I can watch live Twitch channels and have had no issue streaming any other content on the net. At home its Windows 7 but I'm sure it will work there and will verify on Thursday's TNT.

A couple weeks ago when the was issues with the live stream and you guys had a stream going through Twitch it worked fine, and I was able to view UnProf Friday on the Twitch website, it was only at the giantbomb website where I have an issue watching or chatting.