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Surely I can't be the only one getting horrible speeds when loading videos.

I thought I might try youtube, but neither of the new Quick Looks I tried were available on it. So I'm downloading one video now (because the player is unresponsive and slow), at a blazing 60 KB/s. Speedtest shows I have 7,5 MB's download. Is it because I'm in Europe?

Seriously, either fix your player or upload everything properly to youtube. This site is soooo reliant on videos, it's crazy that it works this bad.

(I know the site is new, etc, but the Seaserpent beta should have been used to iron things out, no?)

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I'm in europe and gets good speed only in the morning here when america sleeps.

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I'm sure they're trying to fix everything but that takes time. Just be patient.

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patient is the key

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Ever since the new site launch, I haven't been having the loading issues most people had on the old site. Then again, I'm in the US. Maybe it is a Europe thing?

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Yeah, video streaming is slow as shit for me.

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The sites being hammered, it's only just launched. Dave said be patient for the first week till it all settles.

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for people who are having issues, can you provide a traceroute to v.giantbomb.com and pm me the details?

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Nevermind, it got better :)

Damn my lack of patience!