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Maybe I'm crazy and the crew are just deciding to do the show really early, but I'm gonna assume the times on the upcoming box are wrong. I'm on eastern time so it would normally say 6:30PM. I'm running OS X 10.8 and Safari 6. It's also the same on Chrome version "whateverthelatestversionisilostcount".

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I'm an idiot.

Is this becuase it is converted automagically to our local time?

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Weirdness here too.

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I see it here to. 9:30 AM is hows on my end.

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Same here. 12 AM on March 8th has come and gone and that QL is nowhere to be seen so I'm assuming all the times are wrong.

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My times are all off too, it's like they moved everyone over by a couple of time zones - or all the shows are displaying a number of hours early.

I'm in Sydney, Australia - so when Unprofessional Fridays usually starts at 11am on Saturdays, it shows up as being at 2:30am on Saturdays. So that's - what - 8.5 hours early? Before now it was always displaying 1 hour early (though the countdown at the top of the page was fine)...

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It looks to me like all of the times are off by eight hours.

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Yep, I'm getting this also.

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Just to add some clarity. I live in the U.K. and the times displayed are usually automatically displayed in whatever your local time is. At the moment it appears that this is broken and is only displaying times local to the U.S. west coast.

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Same here, running Chrome. It is showing the correct time when I switch over to Swatch time, so I'm guessing it's a time zone error.

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Don't worry, I'm sure it will be fixed once they've settled into the new office...

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The times are long past that I am seeing.....

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Seeing this on 32bit firefox browser too, was looking forward to seeing the new arcade stuff from Capcom quick look but according to the upcoming times it was 6 hours ago.

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East Coast US, Firefox 19 and I see the same. Unprofessional Fridays listed as 10:30 AM, should be 6:30 PM.

This isn't the first time it's been wrong either. If they can't figure out how to get it working right automatically - or if it's due to issues beyond their control (i.e. browsers or some 3rd party service reporting the wrong time zone to the site) - they should let users enter their time zone as part of their account profile like other sites.

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I live in the same time zone as GB and I'm getting weird times on the upcoming thing too. I'm running on the latest version of chrome on Win7.

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Sinkholes, locust swarms, nightmare virus, meteors, asteroids, broken video games, and now time shifts.

Grab your necronomicons and pray you die first.

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wrong times for me also, I'm in UK and it's showing U.S times makes things hard to plan using latest version of firefox if that makes any difference.

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Is there any update on this? It looks like we can't set our time zone in the profile anywhere (which may be a better way to do it??)

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Weird, seems to be working fine for me:

Yes, those are the times live shows are usually broadcasted for me. No, I don't see them live very often.

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Seems to have been fixed on my end too.

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It was fixed on my end for a couple of days and now it's an hour off. I blame this one Daylight Savings Time.

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@periahdark: yeah, same here

a lot of countries haven't switched to summer time yet, coming up times are one hour off for those (it shows 12:30 AM for the new releases show for me, as an example. when it starts at 11:30 PM)

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It's been fixed and broken off and on for me ever since I was finally able to get into my account (about a week after the relaunch). The easiest rule of thumb, though, is that they start the MAJORITY of their live streams at 3:30 PST, which is 5:30 CSt for me. I generally miss the Quick Look streams anyway because I don't get home from work until 4PM or later so I don't worry about what time those would be.

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Dave just tweeted that @ltsquigs fixed the issue and it should show up in our local times tomorrow. Thanks, @ltsquigs!

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Yeah sorry about this gang, its a combination of DST and caching of the geolocation stuff we do.

This has been fixed, but since we cache your time zone information in your session you may not see it until I make a change that gets pushed today. To force it to change you can try logging in/out.

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It's cleared up for me but now the forums are borked again. Internetting is hard.

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Yep, same problem with summertime here (and I suspect pan-European (+ whoever else has a summertime/wintertime change but does it at a different time) issue as we all change at the same time and have not yet done so, so the US got 1 hour closer to us last weekend and the error in Coming Up is exactly right for that not being accounted for).

It is currently 9PM local time (UK, GMT/UTC+0) and the timer at the top will count down to an 11PM TNT. This is correct. The Coming Up midnight listing is incorrect. Two weeks ago, when the US was UTC-5 to UTC-8, then it was at midnight and this was fine. Then you guys got summertime and moved to UTC-4 to UTC-7 and so we got one hour closer. When we move to use summertime (BST in the local lingo, GMT/UTC+1) then we will go back to being 8 hours offset from SF and the show will be back to being midnight local time. But for these few weeks then we are not the normal number of hours apart (and going back in the autumn there will also be a gap as Europe's collectively chosen dates are not on the same schedule as the US ones).

So the Coming Up is, I suspect, correctly locating my GeoIP as in the UK (at least doing a GeoIP on myself is getting to the right location within the standard margin of error) but isn't correctly calculating that I am in fact offset from the US 'standard' times by an unusual amount for a few weeks until we move our local time too.

This 1 hour miss has been noted after I just logged out and back in, in a private browsing session where I'm not logged in and session cookies should be inaccessible, and on my FF browser that is set to not retain cookies so is a cleanbox for testing. All show the same thing so I don't think local cache is the answer.

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@shivoa: Your info seems spot on to me. Didn't know that there was a change to the times in the US so that would be why I have been an hour out tuning into live events from the UK. As you have said the countdown timer at the top of the homepage is correct but the "Coming up on Giant Bomb" times are an hour out. Will have to remember to tune in an hour early until our clocks change to summertime at the end of the month.

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It was fixed on my end for a couple of days and now it's an hour off. I blame this one Daylight Savings Time.

Yes, Daylight Savings Time broke it, it's an hour off here (Western Europe).