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Whenever I upload multiple images at the same time to the same page in the same process I get zero points (or one). Sometimes I get one but most of the time I have only gotten zero wiki points. That surely can't be right, right?

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I've also received 0 points for submitting a single image. I added a caption afterwards and got 4 or 5 points. I can't discern any pattern for image galley points. They might as well be completely random.

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Yea I've had the same thing happen yesterday as well. The only constant was that adding a single image PLUS a caption in the same process awarded me 5 points. Doing anything other than that and it was a madhouse.

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I immediately assumed that this was done so that people couldn't upload hundreds of random images and get mad points for it and then delete them and keep the points. I hardly ever upload images. But maybe that's not the case.

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@homeslice: Normal users can't delete images any more anyway. If someone uploads an image to a gallery that doesn't belong, whether or not they intended to include that image, it will remain there until a moderator removes it.

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I see. Well...the bug certainly happened for me, many times over.