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On my profile, it has a new feature under reviews that tallies up all my scores (1 - 5) I've given for each score for each review, which is great as it shows the spread.

However it only seems to be gathering data for 44 of my 264 reviews. I don't know if it's because the databases haven't pulled everything over yet or what, but all the reviews themselves seem to be there (except the one I wrote yesterday for Corpse Party, but luckily I back all my work up), it's just not compiling the data.

In other news, User Reviews don't seem to be showing up on game pages. For example, I checked my Blades of Steel review by clicking directly on it from my profile, but if I pull up the game and click "reviews" nothing seems to come up under "User Reviews."

I'll assume some data is still being pulled over, but it looks like it should all be there, it's just not tying in.

Hope this was helpful!

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Also, when posting user reviews, I'm no longer able to post images I have hosted on a different site already (I format all my reviews in Blogger, complete with images, while I write them, and before I could just paste the whole thing with images over), but now when I paste it into the rich text editor it doesn't pull my images over from my copy/paste. Is this intentional? Having to re-add image tags in image-heavy reviews (such as this Corpse Party one I'm reposting) every time doesn't sound pleasant.

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Ill double check it not showing up on the wiki tomorrow.

As for the rollup: How often did you give half points to reviews? We don't support half points anymore. For legacy reasons reviews that had half points will still show as half points, but going forward we only support full stars.

The breakdown is a bit weird in this respect, but the values on the left only count the whole star reviews youve done (we didnt want to have bars for half stars since we wont keep having them). The right value though, the average *does* include all your reviews including half stars (you can see this below it the total of the reviews factored into the average is printed, which for your page is also all of your reviews).

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Just popping in here too to say I have a similar problem with one of my reviews not showing up: Barkley, Shut Up and Jam Gaiden. It's not attached to the wiki and there's no link to the review from my reviews page.

Also, probably just a weird minor thing, but my two most recent reviews (Fragile Dreams and Pandora's Tower) are both listed by their Japanese name on my list of reviews, despite having the little US flag next to them. It might be an earliest release thing, but it's not an issue with other Japanese games I've reviewed.

Oh, and for two of my others (Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story), I'm the only one listed as a reviewer on their respective wiki pages. Pretty sure I was but one of many, for both games. (If it helps sort out the problem to what happened to the rest though, I believe I was the "most helpful" reviewer. If I must come off as egotistical to help restore the work of others, so be it.)

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@theuselessgod: Yeah it is, our wysiwyg designer doesn't allow images that aren't hosted by us to be posted. Gonna ask about that functionality tomorrow and why we need to do it.

@mento: This is probably because reviews are now associated with releases and not games. Barkley, Shut up and Jam Gaiden does not have any releases, and during the migration your review probably didn't get associated to anything (the review is probably still somewhere in the database, just not associated to any release so it does not show up). Im willing to bet the other reviews are similar problems (The flag is probably just a wrong class, thats an easy one to fix). Will look into it and see how hard it is to at least display reviews that have no associations, so at the very least they can be edited and updated and viewed.

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Another issure: Average user review scores are wrong on the staff review pages. For example, DMC staff review says the user score is 2.83 stars from 6 user reviews. Go to the user review page for DMC and that says 4.23 stars from 11 user reviews.

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@ltsquigs: I never gave half points, and honestly I'm super glad that we got rid of them. I personally only gave one review a half point (God of War 3, I believe) and it hurt my soul to do so. I'm really pleased with this change.

Anyway, thanks for looking into it. As you can probably guess I'm a big fan of writing reviews (and posting 'em here) so I'd like to keep doing it and hopefully contributing to the community!

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@insectecutor: The Widget on the Review page only counts user reviews for the releases and dlc the main review is associated to. That review is only associated to the Xbox 360 and PS3 releases of that game, so thats what it average (it should be outputting which ones its related to will look into that)

@theuselessgod: Oh looks like that widget may only be grabbing the numbers for the current page your on! Thats a bug, sorry will fix it as soon as possible.