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Really annoying little bug that's been happening since the relaunch. I can't figure out what causes it since it doesn't look like it follows any obvious logic since it seems to happen at random, but it's persisted till now.

Normally it wouldn't be much of an issue, but since you don't see avatars on the mobile site and all you see is Edited, it's hard to figure out who's actually posting what.

Also another thing I'm not sure is a bug or simply a removed feature, but in the old site, when you had an unread PM, it would go to the top of your Inbox and it no longer does so.

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I just wound up starring the ongoing PM and now I don't have to worry about it.

Here's a good prank: find an old, dead PM and reply to it and cackle as you visualize someone going through their inbox to track down whatever's causing that "unread" message to show up.

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Couldn't they just check the unread section of the inbox?

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Couldn't they just check the unread section of the inbox?

When I did that in my own inbox, the PM that I've starred never showed up. The site told me that I had a message, but I had to go back through a few pages of my inbox to track it down and then I starred it and haven't worried about it since.

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We actually just all changed our usernames to "Edited".