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If I click the "users" tab on the navbar, then the "staff" subheader, I am taken to the same page is if I had clicked the "Top Users" sub item. Those users are great, but only some of them are staff. Most are just duders. Possibly related is that the "role" column is not sortable, though that seems like it is probably intentional.

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I assume this is the same thing as Filtering users by Staff doesn't filter anyone.

@rorie said:

This was an intentional change after the last hacking attempt. No sense in giving people a list of accounts to target. We just haven't gotten around to getting rid of the link yet, I think.

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ah ok. Makes sense. Then this bug is "remove that link".

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Yep, been meaning to replace it, but not sure how that window will react if there's an odd number of things in it. Maybe we'll just hook it back up.