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Just curious if these are things that will get addressed later on or if at all? Some of these aren't bugs as much as design issues

I am using an iPhone 5 with newest firmware etc to view the site and these are some of the problems I run into:

  • Sometimes the text field for replying to a topic doesn't highlight and you have to reload the page to be able to type anything into it - this seems to happen at random
  • When you view profiles theres a lot of scaling issues - if someone has a lot of wiki points, posts etc it pushes the rest of the text off screen to the right
  • Since you can't pinch zoom on the mobile site a lot of the buttons are tiny. The 'go to last page of topic' arrows are miniscule on an iPhone
  • When you go to a thread with a lot pages the "Go to next page" button gets pushed to the second row, under the page number buttons and overlaps them
  • No reply or quote buttons on forums for mobile version - although I assume this will be added at some point
  • This doesn't exist on the full site either but maybe in the future could there be a cook-crumb trail added on the bottom of the forums so when you view a thread and go to the very bottom to read the last post you have that Forums> General Discussion> Topic .. cookie-crumb trail to click as opposed to scrolling all the way back up?

Overall the mobile experience has taken a huge hit for me. I used to love browsing the forums from bed on lazy Sundays. Now not only is the new Web 3.0 scaling making it hard to click on certain buttons but you can reply to specific posters in a thread and sometimes replying at all is an issue.

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The mobile site also seems a bit slow as well. And I wish the mobile site was fully functional and could do everything the desktop version can. Polygon is a site where all the editing tools are available on the mobile devices. Was hoping the new Giantbomb would be that way too but not as of yet.

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I can only agree. I hope they'll get around to fixing these issues soon, I can imagine they're busy...

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Yeah, I'm having these issues, too. It's a real pain, especially when the reason that I signed up for a paid membership in the first place was to use a well-designed mobile site.