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Hey - so I've been having a really infuriating problem over the last few months. Randomly, usually about once every 2 days - I won't be able to play any videos on Giantbomb, and I can't post in the forums. I can GET to the videos/forums, but clicking/functionality is gone.

The videos show the big play button (but not the progress bar) when it's freaking out like this. See screenshot below.

The forum bug is different. Basically, I just can't select the typing area (where you're reading this now). I am unable to make any kind of posts because I can't have any content in the text fields.

I've tried the following steps before, and none of them seem to fix it when it goes all bat-shit crazy on me:

1) Completely wipe browsing history (cookies, temporary files, etc) - in browsers and using Microsoft's internet options stuff

2) Turn off all adblock/antispyware/firewalls

3) CMD - ipconfig /flushdns and ipconfig /renew

4) Reset modem

5) Reset router

This stuff just eventually goes away, but it can take over a day, and MAN is it annoying.

Any ideas? Thanks!