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I don't know if this is just me but ever since the new code merge any video embed is huge as fuck. It has also always been this was on the new Gamespot redesign too. I don't want to watch a 360p youtube video linked in the forums in nearly full screen. I am kind of worried it is just me as no one else has said anything about it. I am on Google Chrome.

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@flacracker: Same here, its pretty annoying. Dunno how to fix it :(

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It's like that for me too......But I kinda like it.

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Yeah, I really don't like it. I typically don't run my browser in a full window so at least they're not as huge as they could be, but yeesh.

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I could have sworn they were always that big though? The real issue is the crazy whitespace going on:

Plz no white on the right

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@bollard: Yeah I dunno why, but that bothers me to no end.

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@bollard said:

I could have sworn they were always that big though?

No. This is something that's only been an issue since the relatively recent GameSpot code merge. It's definitely something that @alexisg needs to take a look at changing.

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This stinks. I actually wanted all videos to be at least 200% the size of your monitor. We'll take care of it.