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This is a pain in the ass especially with longer videos if you want to go back and rewatch something or if you have to miss the end of a video and don't pause it and all of a sudden, you have an hour of HD content to load back up. Yes, I could switch to streaming, but because of the way it works now, I avoid it like the plague. I want to watch things progressive, in HD. It's the best way for me and my internet connection. I feel like I'm dodging trial view limits or something, pausing right before the end to rewatch.
On shorter videos, it's fine. But even with pretty good internet for my region (Seattle, I get 35 down constantly), something like the Star Craft 2 quick look, which was so long I fell asleep to it (I had spent all night awake, it wasn't boring) takes a while to buffer back to the point I was at. Which was only a third of the way in.

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