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<p>Hi, I've been finding that every video I watch on my iPad is freezing after a couple of minutes. It's as though it stops downloading at some point. The video will freeze and no more data appears to get downloaded, pressing the play button just replays the last frame.</p><p>iPad 2 iOS 6, UK.</p><p>Everything else appears to be ok like YouTube and twitch.</p>

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I've noticed the same issue. It will freeze and the if you tap play you might get a couple of seconds before it freezes again

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I too have noticed this, and now it's also happening on my PC.. Plus, whatever the latest update did broke the unofficial giant bomb video app on the ipad which is really annoying because now I can't watch quick looks on my ipad at all...

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Hmmm.. I'm not experiencing anything like that, I'm using the "new" iPad, and live in Australia.

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I'm also having similar video issues on iOS (both in Mobile Safari and Mobile Chrome). Picking HD, High, or Low doesn't seem to actually affect stream quality like it does on my Mac/PC and many times the video doesn't load at all. It sometimes works if I will pick "low," press play and wait... there's no indication of "loading" it just looks like my tap didn't do anything. Even then, only rarely will the video eventually blink in after minutes of waiting. If it does play, it will usually freeze after about 2-3 minutes of playback. It's really odd. Like mattf87 above, watching on youtube and twitch work fine on the iPad for live and non-subscriber content.

I have the paid subscriber controls on my Mac/PC and have tested that the HTML5 stream works at all qualities on my connection. It's snappy and loads just fine even at HD, so I know my connection is fast enough. It seems like the problem is with loading the HTML5 streams on iPad. (Also FWIW, the problem persists whether I'm logged into my account or not.)

This isn't a massive deal-breaker for these first few weeks of the new site, cause I know you guys are already working like crazy, and this will eventually get fixed. But it is annoying when you have to leave Giant Bomb to watch the videos on youtube, or can't watch subscriber content at all on the iPad (which is where I watch most of my Giant Bomb content/airplay it to my TV).

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Yeah, same here. Videos are loading much slower than before and then they'll, more often than not, freeze (to buffer maybe?) constantly. I didn't ever have this problem before. I'd hit play and the video would start almost instantly. Now, I'm left waiting while there's no indication of any video loading (just a play button that I can hit, but with no feedback). When the video eventually starts, it's a slog to get through it buffering every twenty seconds or so.

iPad 2 and iPhone 5.

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Strange finding. I tried to watch the MG rising quick look this morning. Again on the iPad it froze at 1:59 and wouldn't download any more. However I found if I switch to HD and AirPlay from the iPad to my Apple TV the whole thing played without a hitch.