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About a week ago I cannot watch video content on this site only happens on my cell phone droid RAZR maxx what happens is all videos will randomly pause every 5 seconds audio keeps going though please fix I am a premium member

Thank you

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Is it the issue where audio will play for five seconds while the video pauses, then the audio will repeat itself and the video will synchronize again, only to have the audio get out of sync again? I believe this is a known issue. Sorry for the problems. What mobile browser are you using?

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Google chrome and it also happens on the browser that comes with the phone the video just freezes and the audio keeps going no repeats on the audio I appreciate you responding Rorie This is what makes you guys the best video game website you guys really care Thank You

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Hey Rorie I just wanted to let you knoW that videos are working on my cell phone now thank you

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@shadowwolf3221: Hmm, wish I could take credit for it! We did change something with Akamai that might've affected the streaming of videos, so hopefully it works better for you from now on.