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- Windows 7

- Chrome 24.0.1312.57 m

- Watching on my TV in 1080p


Everytime I go fullscreen to watch a quick look or something and move the mouse off to the side, the control bar on the video player fades out and then fades back in whenever the "timebar" updates a new tick. I think it only happens with "progressive" and "HD" are on.

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The controls showing on mouse move would be expected behavior. I'm not able to recreate the controls fading in and out. Are you saying the just repeatedly fade in and out, like they are stuck in a loop?


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It seems to fade in and out whenever there is a graphical update to the bar itself. Either when a new chunk of video is buffered (and the buffered section is added to the seeking bar), or when the seeking bar starts to fill in (while the video is playing). It does it about every 2ish seconds or so. Mouse movement has nothing to do with it.

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hmmm... I'm testing on a Xeon 2.8GHz, 6GB Ram, W7, Chome version 24.0.1312.57m and I can't replicate.

This is a long-shot, remember, I said it was long-shot, but is there anything that might be vibrating your desk just enough to move the mouse 1 pixel? If I tap my desk the controls reappear.

Does it also happen when you are not in full-screen? or only when in full-screen? What happens if you try 'windowed'? Same behavior, or different?


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I'll post my specs when I get home tonight to make sure. But it's definitely not mouse movement. I thought it was as well and flipped my mouse upside down.

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Windows 7, Chrome version 24.0.1312.57 m. I'm having the same issue. No desk vibration, thing happens even when the mouse is powered off.

The bug isn't just for full screen, but that's when it's the most apparent because you can't move the mouse off the video. It also occurs in windowed mode, when embiggened and without doing anything to the video's size, but only if the mouse pointer is on top of the video. Moving the mouse pointer off the video causes the constant fade out not happen.

Since it seems to be somehow related to the mouse pointer, I'm using a Logitech G700, SetPoint version 5.46.10, driver version 5.33.14.

edit: Updating SetPoint has no effect, bug remains.

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Just to update with more info,

- flash player version is: 11.6.602.167

- Using an ATI 5770m video card

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im using chrome and HTM5 version player and seek bar keeps fading in and out in 5-15 sec intervals.

i found out that in my case its caused by vuze(azureus) torrent client. when the client is in the background or minimalized in start bar(highlighted in win7 start bar) it keeps fading in/out.

but when i hide the application to tray, problem is solved. i can imagine that other applications can cause this problem. seems like refresh in the application is causing the seek bar to pop out.