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Hey guys, so I'm not sure if this is a bug report, but it doesn't seem right for General Discussion. Earlier today I was watching the Octodad Quick Look (Yes, I know I'm way behind, but I've got a sick kid and it's hard to keep up) and it was giving me the option for Progressive, Streaming, HTML5, and Youtube. I just went to watch the Unprofessional Fridays from last week and I only see HTML5. I then went back to the Octodad quick look and only saw HTML5 and Youtube. Was there an update or something that took the other modes away? Or maybe something to do with my browser? I always use the same browser, Chrome, and nothing has changed in the past 4 hours with my computer. Any ideas? Thanks!

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Oh and please feel free to move this to another forum section if this isn't quite the right spot for it. Even though I know I don't need to give anyone permission to move it, just feel like I should say it. <>

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Can you try incognito mode in chrome (to disable all extensions) and then see if this still happens? Also what version of flash do you have? http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/ (although chrome is supposed to auto update...)