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More of a minor bug, this, but.

On my Blackberry Playbook I'm missing the ability to set the player to Streaming, Progressive or Youtube. The video player on pages load in and have a large red circular Play symbol and a box where you can choose HD, High or Low. The player itself works flawlessly thus far so it isn't really an issue other than personal preference. Although, in the past, I've occasionally had to choose Youtube when the site was bogged down.

I don't have any other portable style devices or tablets to test on at the moment so this may be present on other platforms.

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Don't know if it helps but usually more info does!

The videos seem to play in the built in Playbook video player now. On the old site they played in what I assume was the website video player.

I took a look at the site on my friends smartphone and the player looks the same there as it does on my Playbook. Same three quality options setting and big play button with no options like streaming, progressive or youtube.