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I've been having an issue with the video player lately where trying to play the video results in me getting the loading animation but it freezes up and gets stuck that way. I left one on in the background and it seems to have suddenly started playing a completely different video, which seems to be looping a small amount of that video. Chrome and Firefox both give a similar issue.

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Scratch that random video bit, I just assumed it was because of how weird the start of the RIPD Quick Look lol.

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I'm not sure if this is related, but it seems that I can't get any videos to play at all. The ad plays, but then...nothing. Just a black screen, no sign of loading. I'm using Chrome.

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@unlimitedsheep: are you using adblock? also, what version of chrome? any specific plugins?

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@mrpibb: I have been having a similar issue since about Friday. When I am on the Progressive setting, it just does the loading lines and then freezes with two lit up. The bar at the bottom fills up as though it is loading, but the video never starts even if I click Play again or try to skip to a later part of the video. I have noticed this on all videos after the Wonderful 101 trailer on July 19. So, Strider is Back, Worth Playing, NCAA Football, Leisure Suit Larry, Soul Calibur II, and RIPD. Videos before that date appear to load and play fine.

I have no issue with Streaming, Youtube, or HTML5; just Progressive for these specific videos starting four days ago. Very odd. Besides notifications being broken, this is probably my biggest issue at the moment.

Thanks! :)

Computer stats:

Windows 8 - Firefox 23 - regardless of whether Adblock is on or off - no other specific plugins

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I also have this same issue:

  • OS: Windows 8
  • Browser: Chrome
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Type of Player: Progressive
  • Adblock: On

It gets stuck looking like this :

(edit) it plays when it is fully buffered.

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Yeah, the same thing started happening to me yesterday. It gets stuck at the exact same point as shown above. It seems to only happen with progressive and in Firefox for me.