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So videos don't load on iPads as fast as they should. Once you click on the "play" button, the red arrow, the screen will stay still for around 5 minutes until the videos starts playing. It may be longer depending on the size of the video.

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Yep. It is a big bummer. I have the same issue on my iPad 2.

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Videos have become unwatchable since the switch to the CBS player. They all freeze after a few minutes. YouTube is an option but it's no good for subscriber stuff.

I appreciate that this is a community site but is this something we should be making CBS aware of?

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I can co firm the iPad issue as well except mine doesn't play at all. I really find it hard to believe they would have screwed iPad viewing up since Jeff has specifically talked about using his iPad to view Giantbomb.

iPad is the only way I use GB. If I can't watch videos with it, the site is useless to me. Shame after 3 years of being gold.

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iPad 3 owner here; I am able to play videos on both Safari and Chrome apps within seconds of hitting the play button. Maybe this issue is isolated to older iPads?

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When watching GB videos on the iPad 2 I also find that after clicking play I need to wait 2-5 minutes for it to start. Really confused me the first time, but on the plus side it seems like it might be buffering? My internet isn't so great so reguarly i'd need to set off a GB video and wait for it to buffer.

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I have an Ipad 3, the site is barely usable on there. I cannot open forums, cannot specify videos and like you said videos take a long time to load.