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Firefox Nightly build 23.0a1 (2013-05-07).


It did it on full on regular release Firefox, too. It also happens in Aurora and Chrome.

Latest NVidia Drivers, for my NVidia 670, can't be Ram issues as I've got 24 gig of G.Skill RAM.

Cleared my Cache, cleared my cookies, cleared my registry of faulty entries, virus scanned, all clean. Oh and, AdBlock is off.

Still happens.


This leads me to believe it's the video player at fault.

Anyone have any ideas?

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Hey, thanks for the report. Which video were you watching and do you know around what time in the video it happened?

We'll try to reproduce it.


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I have the same problem, it starts off smooth and then it stops on the halfway mark, no matter how long the video is.

I've tried all browsers and all seem to have the problem on all videos.