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I am on the latest version of Chrome, watching them at mid settings, on a 768 by 1280 screen, on Windows 7.

I figured it was just the videos not being fully rendered yet or something but no, they all look like poop.

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Are you using the streaming player? It seems like there is a bug in that one. Try using the progressive player.

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The streaming player can only play on auto quality if you try progressive you get more options.

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They actually upped the bitrate on medium quality from 700 kbps to 800 kbps - however for some reason they changed the res from 640 x 360 to 1280 x 700 - which I suspect may be causing your problems as chrome manually sizes it to fit the window.

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Every time I switch between full screen and smaller screen, it starts the video over. This is one of the many problems I am having with the new video player.

I am using a dinosaur of a machine:

Imac Intel OSX 10.4.11

Firefox 3.6.28


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The streaming player will move up and down in quality depending on both bandwidth and CPU load. So if the video looks wonky, might be not enough pipe, or some other process. However, we'll go back and check that 'auto' did not get locked into a certain bandwidth inadvertently and is switching automatically as it should.

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Thanks guys, progressive fixed the issue,