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Hey helpful troubleshooters,

I went to dump another bunch of videos onto my iPhone today (via iTunes), but all I got was this:

Don't tell me I can't watch giant bomb videos on my phone during lunch break anymore! :(

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It would be helpful to know what the full reason given for the video files not being copied.

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I'd love to know more information too, but as per screenshot, all I'm being told is that the video format if these videos is not supported by iPhone.

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Bumping my own thread, like a boss.

I'm assuming that no one else has encountered this issue, given the silence.

Regardless.. here is more information: I'm using an iPhone4, on iOS6.0

Here's what you get if you click any of the flagged videos:

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This is the first I've heard of this. I will make a bug for my engineers. Have you updated to ios7 yet? Did that do anything to solve the problem?

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Hey Rorie, thanks for the reply,

I have in the last few days updated to 6.1.3, just to see if that would fix the issue, but no dice. If there was some sort of beta for 7.0, then I'm not aware of it (and kinda reluctant to try updating to).

For what it's worth, there is one other video podcast I sync to my phone, and that has not been affected in the same way anything from giantbomb has. Also, I am still able to watch the podcasts on my desktop computer without problem. I'm really not sure what other information I can supply about either my iPhone or computer, but if you can think of anything the engineers might want to know I'll go looking.

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Just an update - I'm still not able to get any of the videos onto my iPhone, but for some reason the Deadpool quick look from 25/06/13 went on no problem.

(actually to clarify, I have downloaded the Lttle Dew quick look, which wouldn't sync, but haven't downloaded anything after the Company of Heroes 2 quick look, which also wouldn't sync. Deadpool is the only exception I've found thus far.)

You guys have other shit going on right now though.. it's cool. Just thought that might offer a clue to a seemingly isolated problem.

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