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I had been slowly working my way through the PS4 reveal (because why not?) since last night and at about the 2 hour mark the player just crashed and restarted the video, I skipped ahead to where the video crashed and watched for another 5 minutes before it crashed again so I'm giving up for now.

Also the most recent e3 trailers all freeze exactly 5 seconds in, I'm not too interested in that stuff so that's no big deal, just said I'd report it anyway.

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Got this twice on the day 00 highlights video, once at 4 sec, and after reloading at around the 7:30 mark. Also happened on a couple other e3 videos throughout the day, though I don't remember which ones.

If it matters, I was playing the videos on progressive mode and am using the latest version of Chrome.

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Maybe try disabling hardware acceleration in your browser, that seems to help some.

It seems like every time Adobe releases a new Flash update videos get crashier.