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I've been having this issue semi-constantly ever since the site relaunched where a video will stop playing and act like it's over well before the actual end of the video.

It's been more common on longer videos like unprofessional fridays, and it happens at different time stamps (usually after the 1 hour mark).

It is super annoying because it forces me to load the video all over again to be able to resume from where it stopped.

Please someone look into it.

ps.: if it helps, I'm using Google Chrome on an iMac running OSX 10.8.2

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I have also experienced this, and longer videos (50min+) do seem more susceptible to quitting. I'm running firefox and windows 7.

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Happened to me just now with last weeks UF, stopped 10 minutes before the end, had to reload the page and the video. In Chrome Windows 8

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Yeah I get it all the time, annoying as hell, I've been having issues since before the relaunch though so who knows if i'm an outlier.

I mostly just download them or stream them to my TV which doesn't have any issues. Whee boxee

I'm on windows 8 and chrome myself.

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Happening with almost every video I try to watch, just get a blank grey screen and I have to refresh the page.