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I was logged out of my Vine account, and couldn't access it again. I don't remember signing up with an email address on it.

However, I accidently made a new vine account under my only email address (perhaps the same as my main one) and I still have no way into my main one. What do I do? Is there someway I can have someone get access to my main account? Can you have two Vine accounts under one address? I just want to get back into my main account.

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@rorie: My username is Julia Pincus

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Can you sign up to GB with a Vine account now?! What's going on over there.

(Or do you mean a ComicVine account and now I feel stupid?)

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@julia_pincus: I'm sorry, I'm not seeing anyone with that username on ComicVine. Or are you talking about Vine, the video service? If so, you might want to head over to this page.

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Oh god I REALLY hope he is talking about Vine the video service!

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@julia_pincus: Hello, Julia. :)

I've had this problem for a few weeks and just today, I figured out how to fix it!

Okay.. What you need to have is an alternate e-mail address, say, a second one you use. Go to that new Vine account and hit "Settings." When the page loads, you should see some of your basic information, tap where it says your e-mail address and change it to YOUR SECOND E-MAIL ADDRESS!

You will then receive an e-mail from Vine to your original account's address stating that the password for that account has been changed.. Don't mind this. Simply sign into your Vine like any other day and enjoy both of your Vine accounts.

-I'll probably never be back on this site. I just made the account to comment back and help you out. So.. You're welcome.

But hey! Once everything works, follow me! ;)




--- # 2 Vines on one account.

--- # 2 Vines on one e-mail address.

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Hahahahaha. This is something new.