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I don't know how I missed this during the beta, but it seems odd to not list the subforum that a thread is associated with (when viewing the main forum page). I guess it's a design choice and not a bug, but I'm posting this on the Bug Reporting board anyways. It's going to lead to situations like this:

What trilogy is he talking about? When you can see the subforum, you can save yourself the time of opening the thread if you know it's a trilogy you either do or do not have an opinion on.

Obviously that's an old thread, and users making new threads will adapt to mention the game series more directly in the thread title, but the character limits on thread titles could be pretty limiting already, and now there is one more bit of context that has to be worked into the thread title itself.

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This has also been bothering me. I hope it's just a bug.

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Nope, hopefully they will address this soon.

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Already a discussion on this in here. Locking this one.