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Yea, I have no messages, but the website says I have 29 unread messages. I've checked all over and I have none at all. My inbox is completely empty, as well, as I had just emptied it out shortly after the new site design. Not sure if there's anything that you guys could do to fix it, though.

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Since this thread is here I might as well complain too. The site says I have 4 unread messages, which isn't true.

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22 Unread messages here.

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Same problem

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I'm glad I don't have this problem, it would drive me insane.

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I have the opposite problem, I get people writing on my wall and stuff like that, I get the e-mail notification for it, but it doesn't actually show up on my wall or in my PM inbox, only in my e-mail inbox. So I have 0 unread messages when I know for a fact that there should be 2, since that's the number of e-mail notifications I've gotten.

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Our nightmare is over, guys. We made it.

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I want to thank all the top people that made this possible. I've dreamt of this day for so long, I don't know if it's real.

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@purerok said:

Yea, I have no messages, but the website says I have 29 unread messages.

At long last... our nightmare is over. Thank you, Snide & Company.

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I can confirm that my inbox is fixed too, many thanks to the engineers.

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It feels as if I just burst a giant pimple off my face. So relieving.

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Bug: I no longer have 480 unread messages. WHO READ ALL MY MESSAGES?

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Bug terminated!

Mission accomplished!