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Here is an image to show what I am getting when I go to the old 'Unprofessional Friday' video from 2009.

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I get it on older quick looks aswell, seems like everything ever written on the site is loaded into the comments or something?

edit: News articles, Blog posts, forums etc.

edit 2: oh hey, it even shows this post.

#3 Posted by Harpell (185 posts) -

Yep, just saw the same thing when I went to go start watching the BR Deadly Premonition ER. It's showing every comment ever.

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Haha nice. Didn't bother checking other videos because I'm on an iPad right now and it's bad enough navigating the site still.

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Currently seeing the same thing on some of the Endurance Run videos. Was very weird seeing a forum post I made just a minute ago appear in one of the Deadly Premonition ER comment sections.