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I have an app that uses the search api and it recently started getting very weird results from the api. The api normally returns an ordered list of search results, with the most relevant result listed first. However, now the results are pretty strange. Here are some examples:

1. GET request to http://www.giantbomb.com/api/search?api_key=xxxx&format=json&query=nba 2k14&resources=game

====> Returns DOTA as first result

2. GET request to http://www.giantbomb.com/api/search?api_key=xxxx&format=json&query=Civilization V&resources=game

====> Returns Skyrim as first result

*NOTE: I escaped the URI in practice

Is anyone else seeing this behavior/have any ideas?

Thanks so much,


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@chaser324: Ah ok thanks. Should I submit a bug or anything or just sit tight? It's not hi-pri or anything, just a project for fun that I'm working on

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@aeckdog: I went ahead and moved this thread over to the Bug Reporting forum. That should suffice to make sure a dev takes notice of it.

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we're looking into it, thanks for the report. Sadly search will be a bit wonky for just a little bit as we rebuild stuff and work on relevancy. sorry for the problems!

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I didn't know if it warranted a new thread but The Wolf Among Us does not show up in searches and cannot be added to lists. When clicking the "Add to list" button on the page, an error occurs.

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Searches across the board seem to be borked. There's been at least a dozen things that I've had to use a workaround to find.

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I'm just using Google to find things, currently. Searching for Red Dead Redemption using the GB search sends back only videos as the first page of results.

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Using the API to search for anything with multiple words seems to be returning no results now?


returns results

http://www.giantbomb.com/api/search?api_key=xxxxx&format=json&query=nba 2k14&resources=game

returns nothing

Edit: It actually just seems to be random. A search for "Borderlands 2" returns a result, a search for "Final Fantasy" doesn't.

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Same as above, search results are random. If they come back without erroring out (50/50), it's the correct game 1/4 of the time.

Any updates on this?

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Sorry for the trouble. A bug was filed for this but I don't have an ETA for a fix, unfortunately.

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@rorie said:

Sorry for the trouble. A bug was filed for this but I don't have an ETA for a fix, unfortunately.

Ok, good to know. Think a week? A month? Ballpark?

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@rorie said:

Sorry for the trouble. A bug was filed for this but I don't have an ETA for a fix, unfortunately.

Ok, good to know. Think a week? A month? Ballpark?

I really don't have any idea, unfortunately. I file the bugs but the engineers sort them out and prioritize.

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Thanks @rorie, hopefully its soon :)

Edit: As a work around for this problem, I've moved to filtering the games resource by name. It probably isn't as good as searching was, but it works, unlike searches!


It looks to be a good solution while we wait for search to be fixed.

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@clidus: Thanks for the tip. It's frustrating that this happened. Have you noticed a big difference in search results using this other method?

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Any updates on this?

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@mrpibb@jslack Any updates? I have a new version of my app waiting to be released in the app store but I don't want to do so until the search issues have been resolved. I would just like to get an estimate from someone on when we can expect a fix.

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I mean the entire site search is also borked, so it's not just an API issue. You'd think you'd roll back to a stable version while this got fixed? It's been 16+ days since this was reported. There's a lot of people depending on this API (including my site). I'd be willing to pay for access if it meant stability and regular updates :)

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Now I'm finding I can't add the character IF to the new Neptunia game from the game page because she doesn't show up in search.

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FYI GamesDB had a pretty nice API that I started using instead of GB's. Check it out.

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Seems to be working again right now. Have the issues been sorted?

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@blacklagoon If I search for IF, it's the first result, as a character. Looks fine here, let me know if you see an outstanding issue.

@beforeseven There was some wonky behavior on results, that we have sorted out. Should be getting full results via API now.

@avenged We've sorted out the issue it should be resolved. Let me know if you see another search issue

@subkamran We've sorted out the issue. Let me know if you see anything outstanding.

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@jslack: I guess I hadn't properly checked the full site search, I see that it works fine. But when I try to search for IF when adding a character to a game page, or just use the site search and uncheck everything but character, it seems the problem is still there - IF yields not results.

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@blacklagoon: Thanks for testing that. We get normal results when multiple indices are searched, but when it's just character, it fails (such as when in the "character" search). This is being repaired. Will get back to you shortly.

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@blacklagoon: I want to thank you for using the wiki system, finding this bug and reporting it.

We have a technical limitation on doing prefix matching and fuzzy searches (that includes the auto completer) when the term contains less than 3 characters. You found a specific edgecase that fails in this situation (among some other things that we are continuously tweaking).

I've added a fix for this, and it looks to be working great on development servers. I hope to have this pushed out tomorrow morning for the live site.

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@mrpibb@jslack the search API is now working, but the results are still incredibly wonky.

A search for "Final Fantasy VII" returns as the top results:

1) Final Fantasy

2) Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call

3) Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

4) Epic Battle Fantasy 4

5) Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight

There are a bunch of games with that string in the title that clearly should come up before Street Fighter.


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@clidus: Hey there. I made major changes over the last 2 weeks. Would you like to try again?

@reverendhunt: Want to try that search again?

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@jslack said:

@reverendhunt: Want to try that search again?

I'm now getting games and objects in the Character field. Although the Mario I was looking for is indeed now top o' the stack as opposed to non-existent.

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@jslack: I'm not able to search for any objects using the API.

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@jslack What's the status on the wonky API search results? Pretty clear that a game search on the Giant Bomb website for "Tomb Raider" and an API search for "Tomb Raider" provide different results. The API search seems to have lost all relevancy.